Flip and Flip Loan – an Example

Do you know of people who flip houses and wondered how they got their funding?

Have you thought about the opportunity that would open up if you had the cash to flip just one property?

Our team is currently working on fix and flip projects in more than a dozen different cities.

Many of these deals involve people who needed help getting funding. And we helped them do that.

We often meet new investors who feel they are being held back.

This is what they say to themselves:

“I don’t have lots of cash and my credit isn’t that great. I’ll never get funding.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are several ways to get funding that you probably never thought about – or knew even exist.

This is why we refer people to non-traditional private individuals and lending groups.

For example, let’s look at a group called “Loans 4 Investors”.

Here is why a lender like this could be a good fit for you:

1. They are actively looking for new rehabbers to provide loans to.

They are eager to start arranging your funding. They are always looking for new projects to fund.

This means you don’t have to cold-call a private lender and ask for money.

2. Loan amounts are based on ARV (After Repair Value) instead of the purchase price.

In other words, the amount of the loan is based on what a house should sell for after you fix it.

For example, let’s say you can buy a house for $50k that you can fix and sell for $120k.

The amount of money you can get is based on $120k.

This means that, compared to other lenders, you can qualify for more money.

3. You can roll additional rehab costs into the loan.

In some scenarios they can roll your rehab, construction, and closing costs into the loan.

This means you pay more interest, but use less of your own money.

4. You can have multiple loans at once.

(This is for experienced investors or for people with a track record with them.)

This means that once you develop a track record you can have multiple projects going on at once.

Why not use other people’s money and double or triple your profits?

5. They accept collateral that other lenders will not.

For example, you can secure a loan with a savings account, a CD, or other real property.

This is a great way to get financing if you’re currently short on liquid funds.

6. The minimum loan amount is $20k.

Some lenders have high minimum loan amounts. High minimum loans only work if you plan on flipping high-end houses.

However, a company with low minimums is perfect if you plan on getting started with a low-cost flip such as a tax auction house or a HUD House.

This is just one example of the 162 lenders we give you when you invest in the Pro House Flipping Guide. The list you get has 162 different lenders on it. You get their name, email address, website (if they have one), phone number, and loan terms.

You cannot find these guys by doing a Google search.

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