Customer Reviews

(Keep in mind some of these reviews are from people who have completed the process of flipping a house.  Most people who purchase our product do not complete the process and therefore do not profit from the results.)

Hi Dave,
We’re on our 4th house this year, and I find your information to be most helpful. Many thanks.

– Michael B.
Witchita, KS


Hey Dave and Crew,
I have your 3 DVD’s and just got done watching video 1….well done!  Great info.
I’m very interested in setting up a website to get a flow of motivated sellers!  Love to watch your
webinar on it.
I just signed a purchase/sales contract on my 3rd rehab house!  Bought it for $95k, put $50k in
rehab and sold it for $202k!

-Mark H.
Ellensburg, WA


Hi Dave,
Was just watching another Capital Rehab Group video. I thought the DVDs were great!
I’ve spent thousands of dollars and your DVDs are the best deal out there!
I have my realtor looking for potential flip properties for me and I have private money lined up.
– Ed B.
Salem, OR


I just wanted to thank you for your informational emails. I have recently purchased
my first property, based on the information you gave in your newsletter.
Being a single Mom at age 47 is daunting and this has allowed me to enter into the
foray of flipping with confidence. Dave, you are incredible at what you are doing.
– Josephine R.


Hi Dave,
Here are the pictures from my 4th flip:

Here are the numbers on the deal:
Purchase price: $57,000
Rehab cost: $36,000
Sold in 1.5 days
(Buyer paid closing costs)
Profit: $37,000
– Steve B.
Cincinnati, OH



Coach Dave,
I’ve already moved 5 properties.
Total Profit – $537,000.
I love this business!
– Martha C.
St. Louis, MO


Hey Dave,
Hope all is well. I contacted you a while back about a flip I
was doing. I started on the house 11 months ago and it was a
complete overhaul. I had to go back to your DVDs and review them
a few times. At the end of the day I took home $115k in profit after
holding costs. This is a true testament that your course does work. I
want to thank your for your help.
– Mike L.
Brighton, CO


Your program in so many words is the best training I ever received. Thanks again.
– Raymond R.


My name is Prince and I am located in Pittsburgh PA. I purchased your DVD
product and loved it. I have been working on a rehab in Churchill. I purchased
the home for $150,000 (bank-owned)  now it’s appraisal value came back at
$450,000.  Thanks,
– Prince F.
Pittsburgh, PA


Good Morning Dave, we purchased your Pro House Flipping Guide and found
all of the videos very practical and informative. Loved all the videos!
We also saw the video about the free gas and paying it forward….AWESOME!!!!!!

That’s why we want to flip houses, we have been blessed with a second chance
in this life and we want
to pay it forward too!
Thanks again for your work and continuing emails, they are very encouraging
and help us keep on plan.

– Paul & Lynda L.
Magnolia, N.J.

My wife Lynda and I have finally cut a deal on our first flip. I found it on Redfin
after reading one of your emails suggesting we look there.

Anyway, thanks for the continued encouragement and guidance.

We offered full asking of 65k. Our agent sent us comps ranging from  $120 per
sq ft to $150 per sq ft in the area – this property is 1097 sq ft and after walking
through we discovered a lot has been started already.

We plan on opening up the very small kitchen and renovating the bathroom.
Total estimate of repairs is $35k. (Expected sale price is $150k)

We are working with a hard money lender from your list!”

-Paul and Linda


Good Afternoon Dave,

As you know we purchased your system and followed your DVDs and advice.
Our first flip closed in June and our net profit was $34k! Thanks!

-Paul and Linda

Dear Capital Rehab Group,
For quite some time I have been receiving your emails and reading each one carefully.
Without a doubt, I am more than convinced that your company has the model suitable
for my real estate objectives.
As a member of the United States Navy for over two decades, I am looking for a system I
can implement to provide for my family and I in retirement. You have that system!
Once again, I express a haughty Thank You for the work you do and your support to Veterans.
– Sharn S.
Arlington, VA


I only recently purchased your CDs and am now reading and looking forward to your emails
daily. Great stuff, fantastic, so far you are hands down the most honest, realistic, knowledgeable,
and helpful person I have had the pleasure to meet electronically. I cannot put a price on the invaluable
information you provide.  Keep up the great work..and a since thank you.
– Tony M.
West Sacramento, CA


I am a licensed contractor here in California and I found my first property
to flip. My initial offer was $169,900 that got countered with an offer of
$172,000  which I accepted. 
I am using one of your lenders to pay for the purchase of the home.
-Andrew Y.


Dave, just wanted to share some info from an experienced flipper in the San Francisco, 
Santa Cruz, and Monterey areas. I’m still small and choose every house I buy. I enjoy your info.
– Patrick K.
San Francisco, CA


Coach Dave, I’m learning a lot from your emails…much more than the seminars I attended. I want to
know how else I can work with your group to do wholesale deals and an initial flip.
– Edwin M.


Dave, really appreciate your insight on how to get deals!
– Mary and Kirk G.
Anchorage, AK


Dave, I purchased your guide and had just signed the offer sheet to
sell my first flip one week after listing it. The project took almost 3
months and I had made some mistakes along the way. I will make $40k before
tax on this deal, but I feel like I might have done better. I would like
to receive a copy of the list of materials that you used on your current
– Samuel H.
Lexington, KY


Dear Dave and Support Team,
I want to extend my most sincere thank you for your DVD program. It

will enable me to better structure my offers for deals which is something I am interested in doing
after watching the section on REOs (Bank Owned Properties).
– Sid P.
Englewood, FL


Hi Coach Dave!
I received my video tapes this week, I’m feeling very motivated after watching DVD 1. Looked
through many listings and located a property with 4 br. 2 ba. Large backyard deck and built in
pool for $60,000. (1,900 sq ft) would love to partner with you!!
– Michelle H.
Harrington, DE


Good afternoon Coach Dave,
My husband and I purchased your Pro House Flipping Guide and it’s great information!
– Janet F.


Hi Dave, Thank you for the DVD’s. I received them and they are fascinating!
– Mignonne P.
Elmont, N.Y.


So far we have done 5 rehabs. Sold one today and have one more left to sell.
My goal now is to do 2 flips a month. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

– Ron C.


Hi Coach Dave, I’m completing your training which I think it great. Just found a foreclosure
in 10 mins like you said in Pensacola, FL with a nice profit. Asking $41,999, repairs 12-15k, ARV $117k.
– Meg H.
Parkland, FL


Hello Coach Dave,
I found your program to be very informative.
– Nathaniel B.
Plainfield, N.J.


Dave, I am in the process of my first flip. Thank you.
– Lorrie C.
Janesville, WI


Hi Dave, can you please send me your materials list? I would
like to review and compare it. Last flip was a cinch. Sold for full
asking price to the first buyers to look at it. Thank you.

– Scott H.
Polar Bluff, MO


Hi Dave, Would you please send me the finishes and colors you
use on your flips? About to start work on two properties we just
bought. Thanks.

– Leslie G.
Ruther Glen, VA


Coach Dave, I can’t wait for the CD’s to arrive.
I have gained so much knowledge just from your emails.
Thank you again for guidance and honesty.
-Ralph M.
San Antonio, TX


Good Afternoon Coach Dave, My son and I are just starting
on a rehab here in Orlando…Thank you!

– Sam E.
Orlando, FL


Hey Dave,
I flipped a home in California and with the profits bought a
fourplex in a prime location in Boise, Idaho.  Love the info
you send…..Keep it coming.

-Ash Nair
Kuna, Idaho


Coach Dave, I purchased your course last year and have gone through it. Everything you packaged
was simple to understand. Thank you very much.
– O.G.
Sugar Land, TX

Dave, you are really awesome and helped me so much, thank you!!! 🙂 xoxo
The post about the 3 month FHA wait helped me amazingly as I thought it was 6 months 🙂

-Elaine P.
Memphis, TN


Coach Dave,
I just watched all your DVDs and love how simple you explain the process of flipping.
-Floyd G.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Coach Dave, I have recently purchased your CD package and think I am ready to join your
mentoring program. Your CDs were excellent.
– Ryland W.
Eastwindsor, N.J.


Thank you Dave…for sending me these bits of info…you’re awesome!
– Deborah B.
Littlerock, CA


Thank you I have enjoyed the emails you send, please keep sending them.
– Douglas Z.
Butler, PA


Thanks Coach, I find the emails on calculating rehab costs helpful!
– Brian C.
Mt. Laurel, N.J.


Coach Dave thanks for the email. Excellent. Looking to rehab my first property.
– Deborah D.
Long Beach, CA


Thank you Dave, that is extremely helpful information.
– Linda N.
San Antonio, TX


Hi Coach Dave, I first want to thank you for your very information emails.  Your correspondence
has definitely helped me build my confidence to actually get started in this business.
– Adero R.
Charlotte, N.C.


You are very knowledgeable and give easy examples to a new learner to follow. You’re good.
Many thanks and appreciation.
– Sarah W.


That’s great information Coach. Thank you!
– Alex R.
Houston, TX


Coach Dave – Your comments are very practical and a good rule of thumb. I am 77 years old and
excited as all get out about being a RE investor. I feel like I’m 25 all over again! I’m learning from
everyone than I can – and have been learning from you for the past few months. Thanks for the interaction.
– Marvin T.
Spanish Fork, UT


I always read your emails and I would like to say you are very insightful and do a very good job.
– Clinton H.
Rochester Hills, MI


Hey Dave, I have really enjoyed your emails about your business and your advice for flipping homes!
I do not work in real estate, but in renovating my first house with my wife, I’ve found that I have a
passion for making run-down properties beautiful and livable!
– John M.
Chesapeake, VA

Dave, I just recently purchased your pro house flipping guide and I want to tell you that it was great
and I’m confident that I can go out and be successful in real estate investing.

-Devon T.
Chino, CA


Thanks, all this info is very useful!!!
– Steve T.
Fullerton, CA


Thanks Dave for all the information you are sending to me, I appreciate it and find it interesting.
Thanks again.
– Stella I.
Las Vegas, NV


I wanted to tell you that I enjoy the info in your emails. Thanks.
– Pearl K.


Hello Dave, We just finished our second flip here in Connecticut. Thanks.
– Joe A.
Ellington, CT


Thank you so much for all of your help and inspiring stories. I am working in putting my
team together. Hoping to undertake my first flip in a few weeks. Cheers!
– Wendy H.
Los Angeles, CA


That was such an encouraging email! Thank you!
– Jim B.


Thank you 🙂 for your support.
– Patrick G.
Baltimore, MD


A world of thanks for the information on the house flipping cheat sheet.
Any other info is greatly appreciated.
– Giuseppe D.


Hey thanks Dave, Great story and appreciate the motivational input! I appreciate all
the good mentoring…it’s all good stuff! Thanks.

– Jeff N.
Sarasota, FL


Dave, I have never been as motivated to get into the real estate business as I was when I saw the email
from you today. Thanks.
– Moses B.
Lynn, MA


Thanks I found your tips to be very helpful.
– Floyd H.


You are awesome. So glad I found you. I don’t trust much online, but I trust Coach Dave.
I will actually start paying attention to your emails.
– Don A.


Dave, good info and video.
– Reginald C.


Thank you for all your help and support.
– Dan A.


You don’t know me but I just bought your DVD course and I have also been studying
your YouTube videos.  Your videos are extremely informative and I have learned so
much already. I can tell you are a good and honest man and that shows through in the
way you talk and present yourself. Thanks and best wishes.
– Kenneth C.
Los Angeles, CA


Hi Coach Dave, thank you for all these very informative emails. Thank you for all this
fantastic information! And please, keep it coming!
– Jeff W.
Jacksonville, FL


Hi Coach Dave, I want to say the videos were great and I gained a ton of knowledge and
understanding about flipping houses from them.
– Anthony J.
Cleveland, Ohio


Coach Dave, you’ve been sending emails about rehabbing and flipping homes and I
must tell you that you have been AWESOME!!! with your knowledge and time just to
send emails out. They have been very helpful to me and now I am really going to get serious
about rehabbing and flipping homes. I am going to roll my sleeves up and dive in. I want to
again thank you for all the emails you send and the information you provided.
– Marvin A.
Brandywine, MD


I really enjoy all the tips and examples  that I receive from you. I also enjoy the stories and
the deals to buy already established rentals with the positive cash flow.
I’m  in the process of looking for first one,  ready set go!
– John L.
Conroe, TX


Good morning. My name is Pete and I live in Holiday, Fl. I have bought and watched
your Pro House Flipping Guide many times, as well as read all your emails that have
come my way. 
The material is very straightforward and honest.  Thank you.
– Pete G.
Holiday, FL


Coach Dave,
Thank you for the dvd’s. I have been to numerous seminars and received a lot of
information, but none that is so useful as to what you put out. It’s the nuts and bolts
of flipping houses. My wife and I are just getting started in the search for homes. We
live in the Bradenton area and there seems to be a continuous turn over of homes here.
It’s just getting the guts to put in an offer and follow through with the training we have
received. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the lessons you have put out.
– Joe F.
Bradenton, FL


Hello Dave, I have your Pro House Flipping DVDs.  Very good stuffI helped my father
rehab a multi family double, then we completed two other flips, both
of which were three bedroom
homes in the last year. Thank you.
– Jason I.
Fairborn, Ohio


Hello Coach Dave, I am currently working on my third flip and have
number 4 under contract. A couple of other investors are willing to loan
me money on number 5. I am also really busy with a 4-year old grand daughter.

– Gina H.
Lennon, MI


Coach Dave,
Thanks again for the reports. I have a house remodeled and is under contract to a
buyer with FHA financing. It has made appraisal and just needs a burner replaced
on the stove. I will be closing before mid December at full asking price…THANKS.

– Jeff R.


Hello Coach Dave,
I’m about 3/4 finished with my first MAJOR rehab. Should be back on the market
in 2 weeks.

– Lerry W.
Macon, GA


My partner and I are in the midst of flipping a house. We are learning as
we go. Your DVDs have been a great help. Thanks for the emails. The encouragement
is very welcome.

– Dianne B.
Muskegon, MI


Hi Dave,
I wanted to tell you that I started flipping condos in Ft. Lauderdale 2 years ago
after seeing details from you and coaching from your videos. So far I have flipped
4 units. First one I bought for $15k that was filled with mold. I basically bought 4
walls knowing that the one bedroom after rehab would sell for at least $100,000.
I put $50k into it and sold it for $107,000.
$40,000 profit for 7 weeks work is not bad. Now I’m buying 2 bedrooms for $90k,
rehabbing for $20k and selling for $145k. Plus I stay in it for the winter and relax
by the pool at night. Loving life. Thanks for the push. If I would have done this 10
years ago I’d be a very wealthy man.

– Brad B.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Hey Coach Dave,
I took your advice and just pulled the trigger on a flip.
– Mike G.
Louisville, KY


Dave, I completed one flip and picked up $36k net. Working on the
second and looking for a third this afternoon!

– Wilson H.
Andover, MA


Coach Dave,
Thanks for the emails. They help. I have been doing this for quite some time. As
a matter of fact I’ve done 4 flips since I ordered the program and I’m transitioning
to doing only house flipping. For years I was the contractor doing the work while
someone else made the real money. I’ll call you later next week as I move to full-time
flipping. Again, thank you.

– Heath L.
Cartersville, GA


Hi Coach Dave,
I’m soooo glad I was able to finally purchase your awesome program. I’ve never seen
anything so simplified! I’ve always had a “fear” to jump right into the fix and flip
due to not having done it this way before. In viewing everything, I feel like the
“missing link” has been found. Like a lightbulb went off and I can see far ahead now.
Like the future is very bright.

All thanks to your ez to use program. Can’t wait to find my first deal!!! 🙂
Much appreciation,
– Regina A.
Sacramento, CA


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